Administrator’s Message

In any child’s life school’s environment plays a significant role to develop his / her character and interpersonal skills. School is a mini representation of a society for a child. Teachers groom them and channalise their potentials towards the right direction. Parents are also an integral part of this teaching – learning process indirectly as what child learn at school reinforces at home or vise varsa. Parents by supporting teachers can see their children growing into good human beings, good muslims and the effective members of the global society.

Ahmed Hussain Bawa

[email protected]

Director’s Message:

Today in a fast-changing environment, it is not easy to maintain a balance between quality education and developing a character based on moral values. However, we believe and strive our best not only to enable academic performance, but also to empower our students to understand the importance of respect, trust, kindness, integrity and to become a responsible member of this fast-changing global society.

Curriculum at AIMS School is aligned with today’s requirement to promote critical thinking, self-learning, and problem-solving skills among students. We believe that students need to be developed and nurtured for the life outside the school. Students are also encouraged to participate in diverse range of extra circular activities to help them develop mental, physical and emotional skills.

To make learning experience more effective, we have well qualified staff along with that we also provide opportunities for developmental courses for teachers, we have science and computer labs, large size rooms with proper ventilation, monthly assessment system, and personalized dealing system with parents and students. Moreover, we also provide safe and secure environment for girls to promote the value of girl’s education among the parents who are reluctant to provide education for their daughters.

On the other hand, we also expect parents’ cooperation in terms of encouraging their kids to read books and newspaper, maintain a bed time routine and take a healthy diet at home.

At AIMS SCHOOL, as we aim to develop a confident youth, harmonized with modern era education.

Hamza Ahmed Bawa

[email protected]

Head-Mistress/Principal’s Message:

For some people, the purpose of education is just to learn reading and writing but, in my opinion, the purpose of education is to develop a child’s physical, emotional, moral, spiritual and psychological attributes. Not only this but also to prepare a child for the future so that he could meet the challenges of life. Therefore, it is essential to give due consideration to holistic education.

Holistic education emphasis creating a different learning environment as compared to typically practiced.

The world is changing faster. The use of technology in every field of life has become inevitable. Without the usage of technology, it is impossible to get the desired goals of life.

Providing our students with the best learning opportunities, digital learning tools and the latest resources for achieving academic excellence is our motto. In this regard, the classrooms have been equipped with modern technology teaching resources to ensure quality in teaching and learning.

We aim to empower our students so that they could excel in every field of life. May Allah helps us and give us the strength to accomplish our goals.

Ms. Razia Shafique

[email protected]