General Rules and Policies

A. Attendanc:

  • 80 % attendance is a must.
  • Assembly bell rings at 07:55am. After 8:00am late is marked. On arriving late a student’s Home Assignment Diary is stamped as “Late Comer”. On fourth time late child will be sent back home. Late comers who arrive after 8:12am will not be allowed to enter the school and will be sent back home.
  • Doctor’s appointment will be dealt with a note in the diary a day earlier preferably with the doctor’s slip.
  • Absenteeism during the test will be considered as ‘zero marks.
  • For Grade IX and X students 90% attendance is a MUST. No child is allowed to remain absent without a prior permission and a phone call from parents. If application or phone call is not received fine of Rs: 100 (per day) will be imposed.

Note: School does not keep the fine money it will be donated for a welfare cause.

  • Two attendance are taken in a day, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Incase of late arrival / taking early departure a child will be considered absent on that day and will not be awarded 100% attendance award.
  • Students having attendance below 70% in each term will not be allowed to participate in school activities like Field Trip, Farewell party etc.

B. Leave:

C. An application must be sent in advance for any leave that may be required. If a student is absent for more than two days due to illness, he / she will have to bring the doctor’s certificate along with the application. For Grade IX and X students fine of Rs. 100/- (per day) will be imposed in case of not providing doctor’s prescription.

C. Late Coming:


  • After 8:30am late is marked. Late comers who arrive after 8:45am will be sent back to home.

Junior / Senior Section

  • Only three late till 8:12am are allowed. On fourth late child will not be allowed to enter the school and will be sent back home.
  • Late commers who arrive after 8:12am even first time will not be allowed to enter the school and will be sent back home.
  • School gate will be closed at 8:12am

D. Late Pick & Drop:

  • Parents must pick up the child within 15 minutes after school is over.
    On third time late in a month Rs. 100 per hour fine (donation) will be imposed

E. Pick & Drop and Student ID Cards

  • In the beginning of every session new Pick & Drop and Student ID cards are issued. . (If the cards are not issued at the beginning, Parents will use last session Cards)
  • Students or parents will have to return previous cards to collect new cards.
  • No students will be allowed to leave school without it; Therefore, whoever comes to collect the child must produce this card at the school gate.
  • Incase of not bringing and showing Pick and Drop or ID Card Rs. 200/- fine (Donation) will be charged. Submit an application along with the photocopy of CNIC and show your cooperation with the duty staff. With ID card issues are dealt in the end which may take time, therefore keep your patience during the procedure.
  • Incase if your ward’s ID / Pick and Drop Card is lost. You will have to pay Rs: 500/- for a Duplicate Card.
  • It is strictly prohibited to make plastic coated photocopies of these cards. If you are found using such ID card or Pick and Drop cards you will be fined Rs: 2000/- and it may result in cancellation of your ward’s admission too.

F. Fee:

Cash discount can be availed on timely payment i. e. by the 10th of every month.

  •  Monday to Thursday Timing: 08:15am to 02:10pm.
  •  Friday Timing: 08:15am to 12:00pm.
  •  Saturday Timing: 8:20am to 2:00pm.

The last date of submitting fee is 20th of every month. From 21st day of the same month, child will not be allowed to sit in the class if the fee is not paid till the said time. Moreover, if the dues are not cleared, result will be held.

G. Struck off Policy:

  • Continued absenteeism for two weeks without written information will result in striking off the child’s name from the school’s register. If a child comes after the said duration, he / she may have to go through the Re – admission Process.
  • One time detained.
  • Any misbehavior by parents or students.
  • Disciplinary matter.

H. Withdrawal Policy:

  • In case where parents / guardians do not give one month written notice of withdrawal (by Submitting withdrawal form) then one month fee in lieu of notice will be deducted from the Security Deposit Balance.
  • The outstanding / unpaid fee will be adjusted from Security Deposit.
  • If this application is made after the 7th of the month then fee is payable for the whole of that month.
  • The fee will be charged of the month during which applied for the School Leaving Certificate.
  • The school leaving certificate will be issued when all school dues have been cleared and the student has completed at least One Academic Session with A.I.M.S.
  • Students withdrawn on completion of academic session before summer vacation with or without notice, are liable to pay the Tuition Fee including the summer vacation.

I. Deposit:

  • Deposit money will be refunded only if the student leaves the school on completion of session with two months prior notice. Payment will be made during May and June only.
  • In case of non-completion of session school will not refund the deposits.

J. Uniform:

  • Faded; out-sized uniforms are strictly prohibited.
  • Students with two / three yellow slips in a month will not be allowed to sit in the class with the next warning.
  • On third warning Rs.50/= fine (donation) will be imposed.
  • Girls MUST wear scarf full time. Boys should wear only AIMS prescribed caps.
  • Girls are not allowed to apply any make up or wear any real or imitation jewelry (including any kind of bangles and fancy watch etc).

Only prescribed color plain scarf and Abayas are allowed

K. Discipline:

  • A student may be suspended / expelled / stopped from participating in school activities / imposed fine (Donation) by the School Authorities without any prior information / notice due to any of the following reasons.
  1. Irregularity
  2. Objectionable moral influence
  3. Disorderly or Unsatisfactory conduct / Misbehavior
  4. Delay in the Payment of any Fee / Charges
  5. Disobedience or Disregard of the written / verbal Instructions / Rules and Regulations
  6. Misbehavior / Misconduct on the part of Parent / Guardian
  • Writing on desks, chairs, wall etc, or breaking classroom Furniture, the cost of repair will be charged from the student responsible for the damage.
  • Bringing Mobile Phones, MP3 Players and other music / electronic devices of any type, video disks etc are strictly prohibited. Incase of bringing it will be confiscated and fine will be charged.
  • The school authorities reserve the right to expel a student without assigning any reason and / or giving prior information / notice. School authorities may impose cash penalty incase of any misconduct or misbehavior. Headmistress / Principal / Administrator will be the sole judge.
  • The decision of the Headmistress / Principal / Administrator in all cases will be absolute, final and binding on the students and their parents.

L. Direct Entry:

  • The Parents can contact the office In-charge / Co-Ordinator only through reception. Direct entry to any Classroom, Staffroom, Canteen, Laboratory, Library, Principal’s Office or any other area in school is strictly prohibited. Under no circumstances should the school staff be contacted. No person except the Signatories of the Admission form is to contact / communicate with the school authorities / visit the school.

M. School Building:

  • Under unavoidable circumstances, the school may be shifted to another premises, and no compensation or any fee refund will be made in this regard.

N. Examination Rules:

  1. The following rules are applicable in all the Examinations:
  2. A Student must obtain at least 50% marks in written Papers to pass each Examination.
  3. Any student found using unfair means during Tests / Examinations shall be debarred from the remaining Tests / Examinations and strict action shall be taken without any prior information / notice.
  4. No exams in Pre-Nursery and Nursery. Result will be based on ongoing assessment.
  5. In terms of the fee Rules, a student shall be stopped from appearing for a Test /Examination or his / her result shall be withheld without any prior information / notice, if the dues up to one month are not cleared.
  6. In case of absence in any of the Examinations due to any reason, no Re-examination shall be conducted.
  7. Students are not allowed to share or exchange stationary during exams.
  8. Use of Whitto / Ink remover on Test / Exam paper is not allowed.
  9. Use of Scientific calculator is not allowed.

O. Rules for Online Classes:

Following rules must be followed during online classes.

  • Following rules must be followed during online classes.
  • Create G-mail I.D with the student’s name and SID# for example: [email protected].
  • Student must join Zoom and Google Classroom with his / her own name otherwise they will be removed from the class.
  • Keep your mobiles, laptops etc charged and internet connections upgraded.
  • Online classes schedule will be sent a day before on Facebook / WhatsApp.
  • Student must be ready 30 minutes before starting the class.
  • All books / workbooks / copies and stationery must be handy.
  • Late entry to the class will not be allowed. Students will be allowed a grace of 10 minutes only after starting the class.
  • Any missed part of the class will not be repeated.
  • Keep your mike and camera off.
  • Incase of a question use ‘Raise hand’ option once the teacher has finished explaining the topic.
  • Must mark your attendance within 10 minutes of starting the class.
  • You must not have any food around you. Any student found eating food during class will be removed from the class immediately.
  • Incase of any interruption or indiscipline of parents / siblings during the class, the student will be removed from the class.
  • Any student found creating disturbance during online class will be removed and suspended from the class for next two days.
  • Parents are not allowed to communicate with the teacher directly during online class.
  • Incase of any issue please visit the school physically, we will manage the issue.

P. General Rules:

Note: For any discrepancy in the uniform and / or the Personal Hygiene will result in the issuance of a Yellow warning letter that may affect child’s selection for the Best Students Award.

  • Students MUST wear school’s complete and prescribed uniform. Parents must see that their children are neatly dressed, hair free of nits and dandruff, nails clean and cut short. Make sure that from the very first day your child comes to school in clean, well ironed uniform.
  • Submit a large bag of pampers and a casual dress of your child to his / her class teacher for emergency use in a plastic bag with your child’s name tag on it. (Pre-Nursery / Nursery only) Put a name tag with SID number on your child’s school bag, lunch box, water bottle, scarf, cap, jacket and other goods of use.
  • The school going child requires a healthy breakfast like milk, egg, cereal or bread.
  • Junk food is not allowed and it can be confiscated.
  • No student should seek tuitions from the teacher’s serving in this institute.
  • Parents are requested to come to the reception for any query. Please do not contact / meet the teachers without permission. It is strictly prohibited.
  • Parents are strictly asked not to send any gift items for any teacher. Only Aab-e-Zam Zam or dates are allowed as Hadiya after Umrah / Hajj.
  • No party in school is allowed without prior permission of Head.
  • Birthday celebrations in school should be limited to distribution of sweets / toffees only. Cake, pastry etc. type of items are strictly prohibited. In case of bringing those items will be confiscated.
  • Late arrival and early departure is only dealt with the parents’ signed application a day (ahead) earlier.
  • Every application / letter / note sent by you should be neatly written on a proper page stating your ward’s name, class, section, S.I.D number and the purpose of writing to us.
  • Absent students should bring an application the very next day to school. If a child is absent for more than two days, he will have to bring the doctor’s certificate too.
  • Incase of injury or any other unavoidable reason, if a child is sent in dress or shoes other than the uniform an excuse note must be written in Assignment Diary.
  • Inform us immediately if any change will occur in emergency telephone no. / address.
  • Do not send last minutes message for Transport especially. If your van does not come and you drop your ward to school see to it that you make a phone call to the concerned driver to know whether he will pick your ward from the school in the OFF time or not.
  • In the off time if van does not come then school will inform you after an hour or so (depending upon the situation).
  • No student will be allowed to leave the school premises before closing time. Parents are requested not to come to the Principal with excuses to take their wards home earlier than closing time. However, for emergency cases only this rule may be relaxed, after signing the Early Departure Slip in the Principal’s office.
  • Pupils suffering from a contagious or infectious disease shall not be permitted to attend school and will be sent back home.
  • In case of taking early departure, parents must inform van drivers.
  • Early departure after 1 o’ clock will not be allowed.
  • No parents will be entertained at the off time before and after off time
    (45 minutes).
  • Parents with ID Card / Pick and Drop card issues will be dealt after concluding off time matters.
  • The school authorities reserve the right to change any rule according to the situation.
  • Running, shouting or littering inside the school premises is not allowed.
  • The students are expected to bring their text books and note-books in accordance with their scheduled time-table daily. They should look after their belongings. The school will not be held responsible for lost property or for refunding of any sort.
  • Extra classes are sometimes conducted in the school premises for completion / revision of syllabus. These extra classes help the students to improve and achieve better grades in examinations, and are compulsory for students to attend.
  • Speaking in Language other than English in class or outside the class is not allowed. Regular fine will be imposed for breaching the rule.
  • Expensive Jewelry, Mobile Phones, MP3 Players and other music / electronic devices of any type, video disc etc, are strictly prohibited. These items, if caught will be confiscated, and returned only at the end of the term, after payment of fine.
  • Fancy abayas are not allowed. Students can wear only black coloured plain abayas.
  • Eating, drinking, chewing gum is strictly prohibited in the classroom.
  • Writing anything on desks, chairs, walls etc, or breaking of furniture or classroom fixtures is considered an act of vandalism. This is punishable by detention or suspension. In addition, the cost of repair will be charged to the student responsible for the breakage.
  • Borrowing or lending of text books, exercise books, registers, stationery, calculator etc, during school time is strictly prohibited.
  • Fighting in class, corridors, washrooms, inside school premises or directly outside the school gates, (as it affects the safety of other students) is considered a serious breach of discipline. Detention incase found involved.
  • Any student found using unfair means during Tests / Examinations an strict action will be taken without any prior information / notice.
  • A serious offence may result in detention, suspension or even expulsion in certain cases.
  • The Principal’s / Administrator’s decision in all Academic and Disciplinary matters will be final and binding on the students and their parents.